Feb. 11-15

We have a busy week at Parkdale Elementary!  We are having Winter Carnival events this week.  All of the daily events went out in an email.  Tomorrow is twin day…find a friend to dress like!

Tuesday we will be having a presentation from Earth Rangers for grades 1-6.  They will be speaking to us about their programs and conservation.

Wednesday we will be going on a horse and sleigh ride at Northern Adventures in Mermaid (weather and conditions depending).  There is supposed to be sledding there too…but the weather hasn’t cooperated so we will wait and see.

Thursday we will have a Valentine’s Day celebration in class.  If you child wishes to take in cards and/or treats that is great.  I ask that if they are taking cards that they take one for each student so no one is left out.  I will send a list of names tomorrow.  There are 23 students in our class now.

This week will mark the end of this spelling sort.  We will have a test on Friday.

In writing, we are in the middle of a unit on persuasive writing.  The class is really enjoying this!  We have had lots of interesting debates on many issues over the past few weeks.  You may notice at home that their “wants” are backed up with strong reasons as this is a focus in our writing…being convincing by backing up our opinion with examples and facts.

In grade 4 math we are continuing with multiplication and division.  We are now multiplying  2 digits x 1 digit (moving into 2 digits).  For those of you following along using the link of our math book that I provided earlier in the year, we are on Unit 8, lesson 1.  Please be reviewing multiplication facts up to 9×9 so their recall becomes faster.

Parent teacher interviews and report cards to mark the end of the second term are quickly approaching.  Lots of hard work and completion of outcomes and projects will be happening this month. Then it will be the final push as we enter our third and final term!  The year is flying by!

I think that is it for now!   Any questions or concerns, please contact me at school.



Jan. 14-18

This week we get back to Words Their Way. The students will be instructed on their new sort in school and the word sorts will be sent home again starting tomorrow.  I am in the process of shuffling groups so if you’ve been following the lesson number on the sorts, you may notice a difference in the near future.

We are in the final stages of our descriptive writing/science project.  Students finished their research on their chosen animal, changed their notes to sentences/paragraphs, created a  slideshow, and are now working on an art component to the project….creating  a diorama of their animal in its habitat.  Please send in a shoebox on Monday with your child.  If they do not have a box on Monday, they will create one out of the paper template I have.

Just a reminder that we do not stay in for recess on cold days unless it is -20 or colder.  Please ensure that your child has proper outdoor clothing for these chilly, winter days.  Also, they are required to wear snow pants and snow boots if they want to play in the field in the snow, otherwise they are to play on the pavement area.


Here we go again…

Parent Teacher Interviews will go this Thursday, Dec. 6th for those of you that I have not yet seen.  If you are unable to make your time, please call the office and arrange a different time.  If anyone is able to come after school, between 3-4, on Tuesday or Wednesday, please let me know and we can arrange a time.  I also have from 315-500 on Thursday if anyone would like to meet earlier.

I hope you were able to get into Home Hardware to see your child’s painting.  They worked really hard on this project and were very proud to have them displayed in-store.  Our winners will be announced just before Christmas break.  Get in and vote!

Christmas concert practice and rehearsals will be in full swing this week. The younger grades will have their concert on Tuesday, Dec. 4.  Our class will have their concert with the older grades, on Wednesday, Dec. 5.  Students must be at school at 6:00pm (meet in our class) and concert starts at 6:30.  Home and School will have a bake sale.  They are looking for baked goods to be donated for this sale.

Students will be getting a new word sort Monday.  They will have this for the next 2 weeks as usual.  After that I will not be doing anymore sorts before Christmas break.

We are in the middle of our descriptive writing and non-fiction units.  I hope to get into selecting topics for the research project and beginning to collect information, this week.  We will have an art piece to go along with this writing project, which will be done as a slideshow.  The students are really excited about this!

Thanks to all who have contributed to our food bank fundraiser.  We have lots donated already.  Please refer to the note I sent home to see what date your child was asked to bring in a non perishable food item.

Hope you all have  a good week!



Postponed Parent Teacher Conferences

Due to the expected weather, any interviews after 330 today will be cancelled and rescheduled to next Thursday.  My day tomorrow (Friday, November 23rd ) is open from 930 Am – 2:15PM.  If anyone ,who had a time that was cancelled tonight, wants to tentatively reschedule for tomorrow I would appreciate that. I realize that tomorrow’s weather may not be so great either so if you do reschedule just keep in mind that may change as well …. weather depending!  Thanks for being flexible!

Thanks so much,



Nov. 12-16

I hope you all enjoyed the three day weekend (or maybe 5 for some of you!) We have another short but busy week ahead of us!

Dates to remember:

Wednesday, Nov. 14

  •  Picture retakes
  • I am out for a full day meeting
  • Parent – teacher interview times will go home.  If the time doesn’t work for you, please call the school and change the time with our admin assistant, Sue.  I am asking that you do not email me as she will have the master schedule and make changes to that.  I’m not always aware as soon as changes are made and don’t want to double book!
  • Library day

Thursday, Nov. 22 (evening) and Friday, Nov. 23 (Day) – Parent Teacher interviews.  *Please note that I have also scheduled some interviews after school on Tuesday, Nov. 20 and Wed., Nov. 21.

Our Home Hardware art project will be finished up this week as students give their art scene a title and we label their art with their names on back.  The scenes will go up in the store late November.  You can drop in and vote on the scene you like best!  I will keep you updated on the date in which they will go up as soon as I find out.

I think I will postpone spelling homework again this week as we only have 4 days and I am out a day.  I will be doing spelling work in school with the students to make up for this…you just won’t see a sort come home.

For grade 4 math we will be starting fractions.  PLease use the site I’ve noted in previous posts to go to and review the fraction lessons.



Short week!

Thursday ,Nov. 8th and Friday, Nov. 9th – PEITF Convention- No classes

Due to this being such a short week (I am also out Wednesday for an appt.) , I will not be sending home a new word sort for spelling homework.  I will give new sorts next week.

We are wrapping up lots of projects as we near the end of the first reporting period.  In writing, we will soon be beginning a unit of study in descriptive writing and are continuing to build writing stamina.  In reading we are focusing on the reading strategy of inferring and will be starting to look a bit deeper into non-fiction books in the near future.  In Grade 4 math, we are going to do a bit of a review for the next few days and then move into Fractions.

Our Remembrance Day assembly will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6th for anyone who would like to attend.

Our class has been asked to do an art project for Home Hardware in Charlottetown.  We will be starting this week and continue into next week.  At the end of November (not sure of exact date) the art will be placed at the aisle ends in the store.  Students are very excited to be able to see their art work on display.  Customers will be asked to vote for their favorite and the winners will receive prizes from Home Hardware.





Oct. 29 – Nov. 2

We have a lot going on this week at Parkdale!

Tuesday, Oct. 30 – Halloween Pumpkin Carving/Decorating contest- pumpkins must be dropped off  Tuesday morning and picked up at the end of the day Tuesday.

Wednesday, Oct. 31– Halloween door decorating judging, costume parade and activities to begin at 1250.  These will continue all afternoon.  Children will be given time to put on costumes after lunch.  FYI- 2nd recess and lunch will be earlier Wed. to accommodate for the activities and give us more time.

Thursday, Nov.1– Our second Celebration Assembly of the year!  Grade 3/4 is hoping for another win for the line-up award.  If you aren’t sure what this assembly is…ask you child to explain it!                                                                                                                          *Thursday is also our next library day for students to exchange books.

Friday, Nov. 2– First spelling test of the year.

Words Their Way- This is our second week with this set of words.  Please continue practicing these at home.  Our test will be on Friday.

Levelled books will come home for reading practice this week.   I will send 1-3 depending on length.  They can read them a few times throughout the week or if it is a chapter book, it can be split up over  several days.  Books come back on Friday (or last day of the school week) so students can exchange their books and have their homework bags ready for the following week.

Gr. 4 Math-  I found this website that has an overview of the concepts we are working on.  It won’t always match up with what we are doing but you can have a look to see some similar questions that we will be doing in school, when it does.  This week we are working on Unit 2: Whole Numbers, Lesson 8 Estimating Differences.



October 22-26

Tuesday, October 23rd- Picture day at Parkdale

Wednesday, October 24th- Library book exchange day

Spelling homework will be starting this week.  I will send an explanation sheet, along with a sheet of activities and a scribbler to complete the activities in.  I do not require these to be passed in at the end of the week for me to check.  It is in the student’s best interest to be working with these words at home as well as school.  Students will work with the same set of words for two weeks before I send home new ones.

If your child hasn’t sent back their black homework folder, please do so. I encourage students to keep this in their backpack each day as we use it as a message bag as well as homework. Quite often, newsletters go home and I’d appreciate having these homework bags to stuff all these papers in.

I will also be sending home levelled books for home reading.  Students will select their own books from their level bins.  Please send these back each week on Friday (or last day of the week) so students can exchange them and have them ready to go for Monday morning.



October 15-19

Monday, October 15 will be day 2 which is Library day.

Friday, October 19 Professional Learning Day- No classes for students

Next week : Tuesday, October 23  Picture day at Parkdale Elementary

FYI   …    We are still waiting on the weather before determining a date to reschedule our trip to Robinson’s Island/Brackley Beach.

This week we continue learning the routines of Words Their Way (spelling program).  Next week I will send a homework folder home explaining this.  I will also send levelled reading books for home reading now that I have a handle on most current reading levels of the students.

We are finishing up letter writing and recount writing this week.  We are learning how to expand on sentences and will work further on revising and editing techniques.

In Gr. 4 Math, we are working on estimating sums and moving onto using mental math for adding (3 and 4 digit numbers).